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Our guidline from scratch to getting ink with HandXam and our policy.


Send ideas to HandXam
Design & discuss suitable size + cost.
Measure the size and modify the design if necessary
Check tattoo after 1 month of healing.
Get inked.
Book an appointment.


[Created on 9th March 2019 - Updated on 11th November 2020 - with Vietnamese version]

  1. To make sure you are 100% certain and responsible with the tattoo you want, we DOT NOT tattoo any under 18-year-old customers without supervision of parents.

  2. From 21st December 2018, for any in-coming tattoos that require our artists to draw/design, HandXam studio requires a small amount of fee as deposit for the piece, so as to see customers' commitment to the project. In case the piece needs lots of effort to create (mainly drawn up by hands), this deposit will be counted as design fee, wich is separate from tattoo fee. You can either choose to come to the studio and hand in cash or inbox us for bank transition information. Please send us a message for more information about this.

  3. We advise you to send a message 2-3 days in advance to book your tattoo schedule with us, for your most convenience.

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